Why did you prefer a Wii? for the games?



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I'm with Danny.

I've always prefered Nintendo systems over their competitors, for the fun aspects. Nintendo has always intrigued me more with their innovative technologies (every system has brought something to the table that competitors have not until generations later). I like the characters, the games, and the control. The only thing I've ever been disappointed with is Nintendo's 3rd party support.

And please do not call me a fanboy because I have owned and sold the following systems in their respective heydays: Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, XBox, XBox360.

Even though I like to give every competitor a try, Nintendo's the only one that ever really gets me off.


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Everyone knows that 360 and PS3 have much better graphiccards then Wii. The games to 360 and Ps3 are capable of more speicel effects. But you know why I preferd wii in front of 360 and ps3? Well it's very simple: I choosed a Wii cause the games have a better story and gameplay.


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I bought the Wii due to looking more fun. I didn't want the "sit down and play serious hardcore games". Not at all. I'm more into the pick the mote up, have a quick laugh on a game with a few friends while having a drink!


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I Enjoy nintendo as Danny and GoldenAssasan.
But I did grow up with my brothers sega and his amiga, but he never played amiga and then our nagbours got a PS1 so we bowored it a coupole of times and then he got one by his own.
My best friend had meanwhile all this a cossin that had a snes and we played super mario allstars (the game wiht almost every mario game).
Later we got on the computer emulators and only got games there, but when the Game cube comes we get one each,I alittle later, and then he told me about"revolution" and both wanted it, when it switched name to Wii I got a little disapointed, but it didn't change what I thougt: I had to get a Wii!
And That's my story until late 2006 and 2007. :p here's the reasins why I bought it:

1.The games
2.The control
3.It's a Nintendo
4.It costs 2500 sek = Cheap
5.It was launched at my birthday in europe :p

Plz don't call this spam :)


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im with danny. golden and Xats, I love nintendo
Gamecube was my first nintendo console, i got it cause it was cheaper than the other but now nintendo are my fav consoles, and when I saw Zelda for the wii I had to get it. That and the fact I couldnt afford the 360 or PS3.


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GoldenAssassin said:
I've always prefered Nintendo systems over their competitors, for the fun aspects.

I cant do anything but agree !
I mean Mario, who doesnt know who he is...?

Other machines is just about the prestanda, dvdplayers and computers all in one.
Nintendo is the one producing fun games ^^


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Nintendos games have a better story, much deeper then 360 and PS3. I also choosed it cause i've always played nintendo games. :)


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I got the Wii because simply I enjoy the nintendo games (even if most of them wouldn't be released until later on), like Zelda, Mario, Metroid and others.


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because i trust Nintendo to make a console that wont break unlike SONY, i never had any luck with them, and the games too, metroid, will rock