What would you like to see in the new zelda game?


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I would love to see the nunchuck acting properly like a shield. You press Z to hold it in front of you, then when you rotate the nunchuck, the shield moves as well

The remote would be 1:1 or similar

I quite like the sound of 1st person camera view, with the option to switch to 3rd person in Oblivion style

Larger world to explore, hyrule field should be HUGE and there should be no limit to your exploration. For example, if there is a cliff you should be able to climb it, if there is a canyon you should be able to use an item to fly over/ down it etc.

I think you should be able to gain strength/ stamina/ power etc. as you go so that your sword swings are more powerful and you are eventually able to lift trees etc. and throw them.

Progressively harder bosses and puzzles because in TP the difficulty varied, such as one dungeon the boss would be really hard then the next would be really easy.

More side quests that take extra time from the main mission but unlock more powerful weapons and items.

Online modes either with a massive 2 team fight in hyrule field. One team can be hero's on horses, the oter villains on hogs. You should have different ranks who can summon things like twilit monsters, and you can have archers etc.
There could also be other people roaming the world and you can voice chat with them and use each other for help, giving money etc.

What about you? :dance2: