What Wii Update do you have?

What Wii Version Do You Have?

  • 3.0

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  • 2.2

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  • 2.0

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I have version 3.0 which is the newest one..
3.0 - Latest Version
2.2 - Version With Internet Added..
2.0 - Default Version With No Specialty..


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This doesn't work - you can't say which update is the best because the next update adds to the stuff you like about the update.

And everyone will have to update anyway if they want future Wii Games to work so everyone will pretty much vote for the same option. :/


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3.0, i like the little clock, definatly a hardly noticeable but at the same time very useful addition! I like the fact nintendo updates the wii with new stuff from time to time.

Hopefully next a driver that allows the wii to play dvds!