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Um new warning from some weird guy..
I purchased the joytech powerstaion rechargable battery pack for my wii remotes ( it has 2 batteries and 2 docking stations) I put it on charge , waited for LED to go green.When I took it out , the batteries were well warm, but now neither controller will work! No LEDs on the handset will light on pressing buttons, and it is the same if I put brand new Alkaline AAs in them, they are both completely dead! Even tho I knew it was a waste of time , I have tried to sync them with the Wii....please if anyone knows of any way to fix this , please let me know. It was quite a warm day , and as I say the batteries were very hot, I cna only assume the heat has killed them. Now I don't know what to do, cos if I send 2 back to Nintendo under warrenty, they will think its strange they have both gone at the same time
Do you actually think that can happen??


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ive heard other things actualy about these docking stations killing remotes, eek, i dont think ill be getting one lol. thanks danny
If its both wii-motes thats gone, its probably the docking station or the sensor bar. didn't drop that on the floor and smash it perchance?
i'd get ur money back from the ppl who sold u the station, see if u can get them to buy u 2 new remotes....


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thanks for the warning....im not getting a charging dock now...im going to stick with normal batts, i have a feeling that the wiimote got too hot and burned out...