The Wiimote games


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Is it just me that Missing Wii games that Could be played whit the Classic Controller.
Luckley enough we are able to play SSBB whit the Classic and the GC controller.
And it doesnt feel like the MK Wii gonna be the same thing with the wiimote. Like the Blue flame boost.

The Wiimote aint crap but why cant they like make 2 Modes?


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Because the whole point of the Wii was that it was unique and would have unique controls, to have a couple of modes for each would kinda spoil it.


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No Ryano - I agree with Jesqurt - the Wii could benefit with more 'normal control' games. Nothing is worse than developers adding motion just because it's there and abusing it!


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I like Sharp like it the way it is..
but.. Classic Remote games are coming soon..
I think DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 will have some..