Super Smash Bros On VC


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Has anyone heard anything about the original super smash bros coming to VC. I love the super smash bros series and i am looking forward to SSBB and since it is going to be a while until that comes out i am thinking it will be a nice time to release it on VC now to keep us all happy!!!


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Well I have it on the N64 so won't be getting it but it's still a great purchase and I hope it comes out soon so everyone can enjoy it.


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What if, you get it free when you purchase SSBB?
Wouldn't that be better than all of the ideas already on this topic? :p
Not meaning to brag :D


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It would be a good addition to the VC, but really, compared to Melee and espcially Brawl it hasn't aged well for me and it's gone a bit stale.

Just play Brawl and you'll forget everything about SMB64. Unless you're waiting for Brawl, oh, which you are. :/


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Ralucard said:
I played Super Smash bros with soem friends of mine not so long ago and wasnt what it used to be =P

lol, i found that out with ocarina of time, not quite as good as i remembered.
I think that i would pass on this, it was only really fun multiplayer.