Super Mario World Review


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Here is my First Retro Review of the games that made a difference

Remember that opinions vary from different points of view.

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anyway here we go

Super Mario World, was the first non ported Mario game that debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system in Japan on the 21st of November 1990, (a month after i was born hehe) however never made it to the UK until the 11th of April 1992, when it came out it was a instance success following a hugely popular Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES,

The Graphics were fairly good however nothing special due to the fact that it was one of the earlier games on the system and the likes of Donkey Kong Country bettered it on terms of looks, But that aside the graphics were crisp, clear and colourful and looked better than the likes of its predocessor

The Controls were excellent and after 2 minutes of play felt like you mastered it, it never gave me any problems and it worked a charm however, That has been the trademark of the 2D Mario games, that the controls were always top of the food chain over other 2D scrollers

The Sound was yet again brilliant with songs that i see now as gaming classics, Some of witch have been revamped and included in the Super Smash bros series, From the Darkand gloomy music of Bowsers Castle to the lively tunes of the normal levels the songs were brill, enemies also had unique sounds for when Mario stood on them, it varied from Goomba right through to Koopas.

Replay Value: the replay value in this Game is very good as it is a easy pick up and play sort of game, there is a huge amount of levels and loads of secret levels to keep you busy.

The thing that stood out most however was the unveiling of what has become one of Nintys biggest Mascots.... Yoshi, this dinosaur appear in this game as a partner to Mario sorry Luigi. and helped Mario complete levels and was required to unlock the hidden ones, here appeared in four colours Green, Red, Yellow and Blue each with there unique moves for example if a blue Yoshi had any colour of koopa in its mouth it could fly however if it were a Green Yoshi only Blue Koopas would make it fly

NOTE: hehe the blue shell certinaly inspired the blue shell in Mario Kart with its association with erm well flying

Overall this game is an essintial and i would advise anyone who hasent played it to get it on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console as its a Fine Game.
Many consider it to be the best outing that Mario has been on and i can see why

Now to mark this game out off 100 okay. firstly forget about for yours Wiis and your 360s for a second, im gonna mark this game based on what it was like in the 90s meaning that 2D graphics were the deal back then

over all i would give this game a 94% as it was a great game however there are better SNES games out there

Hope you liked this review - More will come.