Stuttering Wii On Startup


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does anyone else have this where their wii stutters as they turn it on? by stutters i mean the screen flickers constantly. mine does this a fair bit rele and is annoying cos it means i have to turn it off at the mains to cure it!


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Hmm...if you're using Component Cables via HDTV, then you may get flickering at startup - happens to me, nothing to worry about, since 480p isn't a native signal for 720p HDTVs, so they take a few seconds to adjust.

If you have a normal TV though, I dunno what to say. :/


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It probably depends on the tv type, how old it is and the connection cable.

The newer the tv the less likely it will do that as they run from different hardware nowadays, it has to do *probably* with the refresh rate on older tvs, (its always flickering like you explained but does it so quick your eye can't process it).

(Point your digital camera at one of the older tvs and you'll see what i mean, lots of flicker)

The newer LCD tvs don't as far as im aware of? I could be wrong though.