Storytime with Koenig 1 (why halo 2's ending sucked)


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By the way, its pronounced "Kay nik"

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Smeagle Potter was born. He was the first dragonborn born on the Halo ring.
At birth, G-man told him how he was going to save the multiverse.

Now he and his best friend SOAP must go defeat the evil bunchees that threatened to summon a master chief to destroy his home.

Him and SOAP had their lightsabers at their sides as they head towards the ruins of Grove Street...they quickly dived behind a rock. Up ahead was a group of Reapers,Zombies, and a wild Zubat...but SOAP and Harry dived behind the rock too slow, the zubat has spotted them and used sceech


The reapers and Zombies started charging at Harry and SOAP...schrew zchew tewirack! They swing their lightsabers violently at the enemies charging them...

Its Super Effective!

But that was the last of their troubles...Zubat used a black hole, destroying everything nearby...Harry used a bubble shield to protect himself but he watched SOAP get sucked in....

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo(darth vader voice)

You blew it UP!!! God Damn you! GOD DAMN YOU TO HELL

Harry Traveled To Bungie...and in a rage Chopped a section of halo 2 the way, thankfully it was only the ending and bungie was rushing it anyway.

but really I like Halo 2 is still pretty cool.