Secret of Mana review


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Secret of Mana

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System - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer - SquareSoft
Publisher - Nintendo

Release dates

Japan - 06/08/93
US - ??/10/93
UK - 24/11/94


The game begins with three children fooling around on a log high above the ground, and before you know it the character that you have just named falls down below into a pond. Searching around, you realize that your only way out of this area is through some weeds and into a clearing where a flight of stairs lead you out of your predicament. But how to go through the weeds is the question that begins one of the best RPG genre games you will ever have the privilege of playing.


this game has absolutely fantastic gameplay as it was a change from the traditional turn based RPGs made by SquareSoft . You won't have much trouble moving around, talking to people, etc. Fighting is pretty easy, both in difficulty and the actual method of combat. You swing your weapon at an enemy, either connect or don't, and wait for the percentage meter next to your HP bar to charge up to 100%. You can also charge the meter even farther if you've killed enough enemies with that type of weapon(i.e. sword, axe, etc.) to deliver devastating attacks. This can take some time to do and you're slowed down movement-wise whilst doing so, but you learn to compensate for that.
The 'menu system is neat, easy to use, and for some reason not very commonly used anymore. It can be a touch confusing at first, but you get used to it quickly enough.


The story is excellent, but there are a couple of times where you have to kind of guess where to go next. As with most RPGs the story is pretty linear, though there are points where you can do things in whatever order you feel like(though rarely).
Pretty much you(a brown-haired young kid with a great destiny-of course) the is basicaly the plot of most RPGs haha all the same haha i,ll say no more for if ya wanna play it


The sound in this game is at a very high standard like the Final Fantasy series and other Square based games, This game has many memorable tracks. They have a wide range of appeal, from moody (Underground Palace), to cheerful (Salamando), to eerie (Pandora ruins), to suspenseful (Mana continent). There are few tracks that would even be considered average by today's standards. Truly some of the greatest MIDI music done in the 16-bit era.


There are many difficult boss fights in this game. For example, you fight a giant that can kill a person in one hit, a minotaur with an incredibly high defense, and a tiger that's powerful and hard to hit. It doesn't get to the point though of wanting to throw the game in the microwave and see how long it survives. Overall, a nice balance.

Heres a FACT that you problary didn't know: This game has the first U.S. appearance of moogles. That are a cameo of The Final Fantasy Series

Overall the great soundtrack, great game play and awesome story make this a must buy, and for 800 Wii points get it as soon as it hits the VC console, i give this game 93 out of 100 as i feel it is an essential purchase


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RE: Sword of Mana review

yay sword of mana but u know sword of mana is for gameboy advance secret of mana is for snes just to let u know :)


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I've never played this before but you sure do seem to like it so I might try and get it if I get some money, nice review aswell


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Ryano said:
I've never played this before but you sure do seem to like it so I might try and get it if I get some money, nice review aswell
Awsome game! It's a must have for everyone if it's released on VC imo.

Great review MaxiPower.