Post photos of your Wii gaming setup! *56k*


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Where do you play your Wii console?
Post your photos - as many as you want - of your current gaming setup. :)

Here's mine (taken from a 2MP Sony Erricson Z610i so excuse the resolution ;)):


This is what it looks like in general - just a Wii Console and a 32" Samsung HDTV. You can also peek at my Wii Menu. :D


I like being a bit of a photographer so here's one of the Wii and TV zoomed in - at a dramatic angle. :)


All my current Wii and GameCube Games - you can see them all clearly.


All my Wii Gear close-up. You can see my games, Wii Remote, Nunchuk and Classic Controller.


From a distance, this is what my complete entertainment setup is like - it just needs a a Sky HD box and a Blu-Ray player (like a PS3 ;);) :D) to complete it and to go fully HD.

Well, post your images up too! :)


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As you come in my room:


The desk:


this was about 2 months ago, im getting my room decerated as we speak and when it is done (2 weeks time) i will post pics here...


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ill post mine as soon as i get home :D! i cant believe this was made into a thread, i was thinkig baout making it a thread then Kaboo!! here it is!


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first lemme get a good camera, then I will show u my crappy set. btw, giga, ur one dedicated nintendo fan!


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Gdog said:
first lemme get a good camera, then I will show u my crappy set. btw, giga, ur one dedicated nintendo fan!

yes i am my friend, i shall no longer be known as "chris" or "giga" you will now refure to me as the "nintendo master"


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TimpZ said:
That's... amazing! How much money did that cost all together? You got everything :)

Thanks. :)
Nah, it didn't cost much y'know, just a little bit saving up of cash from me and my dad and BOOM!

The TV costed quite cheap when we bought it in December - £500 from a shop in Dubai, when it costed £750 here. The wooden stand came free - it would've been metal, but wooden is like the main Pakistani thing here lol.

The Wii itself obviously costed £180, so that's the Remote and Nunchuk covered.

I also bought ...

Zelda TP for £40 at GAME
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for £4 at Blockbusters (after trading in Godfather for £26)
Mario Strikers Charged for £30 at Blockbusters.
MGS: Twin Snakes for £5 at a second-hand shop.
Zelda: Collectors Edition for £1 at John Lewis - clearance sale and imagine how much it's worth. ;)
Classic Controller for £15 at ChoicesUK.
About 3 Wii Points Cards for £40 at Woolworths.

So that's £500 for the TV and erm... £311 for the Wii stuff.
The only reason it looks great is cos it's not in my bedroom - it's in our living room, so it's great to have 4 player Wii Sports Golf with my cousins and mates. ;)

C'mon y'all! Get posting your pics of your setup.
And to enlarge my pics, click on it. ;)


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Yeah this i my Gaming setup the bigger tv is the play tv 29tum.
Now i have my wii on and playing music that i have on my laptop.
And you can se my xbox in the dark under the big tv. And the red light from my ps2. Next to my wii you can find my snes and under the snes my ps1^^

Yeah here are my games that i like got some more ps1 games 2 but dont fell like posting picks on them.


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Here's ma' room, fools!





My precious paper mario!

Just me fooling around the TV

Just wanted to show ma' favourites. The one im pointing at, Jesus, is da vone i play wit :D


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Hey, why don't we rate each other's setups? It depends on more people posting their photos (c'mon y'all!) but it could be a good idea. :)


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Heres my setup..... its pretty basic

sorry about the quality but i had to use my phone because the batteries in my camera needed to be charged (slr)


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My room is awesome. But i dont have many wii games and stuff. My Jesus mii is my favourite, then myself (the one in orange shirt) then Stephanie (the girl) but stephanie plays on it herslef. she beats me in bowling :D