Minigame Madness!!!

Does the Wii have too many minigames?

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Have you noticed the excesive amount of minigames building up on the Wii? The consoles only half a year old and already there is well over 10 different minigame compilations out there.

It's often the same with the DS but that's a handheld so it kinda gets let of the hook a little bit.

But developers seem to be taking the mick out of the Wii a little bit. Some minigames like WarioWare and Mario Party 8 are great, but pointless crap like Rayman Raving Rabbids is rushed and a bit of a gimmick.

Anyone Agree?


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I agree !

Minigames are mostly temporary entertaining or somewhat fun in multiplayer.
But where do you draw the line of minigame?


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Apakarta said:
i agree too...its too many minigames on wii....wii need morea action games and more 16+ games

Me too! dude even tought im 13 but i like grow-up games i need crap like metal gear solid or serious sam not minigames....