Metal Slug Anthology


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Great game! Enough said.

Well anyways, I bought this... and I don't regret it a bit.
Some people say that they have slowdowns when playing Metal Slug 2 from this pack, but I can ensure that the slowdown only comes on PS2.
(PS2 deserves it)


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looks quite cool, similar to heli attack from if this game was £20 in a shop (GAME, Woolworths, Argos...) then i would buy it.

Edit: 1 question, can it be played with the classic conroller?


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Cool looking game!

Are the controls good?

I watched the Youtube video of the game and noticed that you are allowed also to play the game with nunchuck only. :D Is it possible to play a two player game while one player uses Wiimote and the other uses nunchuck? Or do I need another Wiimote?


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Is it possible to use classic/gamecube controllers for this? that might be easier, i might get this, looks good, but just wanna find out what control methods you can use first. thanks