im getting bored


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im finding the wii very boring at the moment. Good games are coming out but i cant be arsed to wait. i end up buying cheap gc games and playing them.

is this just me or does any1 else have the same feelings?


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Apakarta said:
thats correct hockeyhero:)and we'll be busy in the future too:)

yes we will be quite busy in the future with the realeases of super smash bros : brawl, mario galaxy, and mario kart wii!!



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No it's not just you, many people (including me) are quite bored with there Wiis at the moment, you should get some VC games because there great and have really kept me occupied, also try Resi 4. It's a really good game, and don't worry good games will be out by the end of the year:)


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Trawling through the fanboy rubbish....

Yep, I dislike my Wii right now, so you're not the only one. Buying a PS3 seems so appealing now...


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supersujay said:
ya i am just fine. when ever i am bored i play madden or wii sports never gets old

i beg to differ. wiisports gets very old, very quick. im already pro at everything, training is boring, and wii fitness dosent apply to kids. Strikers is pretty fun, but online play gets sort of boring after a while, and the tournaments dont get too interesting


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Im quite bored of the wii but thats why i have an xbox 360 lol and why im getting a ps3 in afew months but theres still brawl and mario galaxy to look forward to


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I'm not bored of my wii, although i would also like a ps3 and xbox 360, for the different games that aren't coming to wii.

I mean wii is great for the fun, get together games, brawl, wii sports etc

Xbox 360 is the king of shoot em ups!

And well i always see playstation as the tony hawks, and sporty console, probably because the main games i played on it were hawks and pro evo!