GoldenEye 007 (N64)


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I just wondered, why does everyone consider this game to be great?

I do too, personally its one of the best games i've played to date.

But what made it great, the graphics were ok for the time, but i think maybe the gameplay? It was definatly a innovator in the FPS at the time.

My mate has an N64 and i plan on getting one just to play it again.

We used to sneak it into school (N64) and play it at lunch in the common room, worked for a month or so until we got caught, some blabber about health and safety with fire from electricity, which being older i understand now, but back then i was like...damn!!!


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It Was my Favourite game on the N64, Cept for when you got sent in the Jail and you felt really claustrophobic (I was 7 or 8 at the time) However Blowing up Russians with a Tank has been more fun then you can imagine *And thats fun!*


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They should, and they might. considering that RARE does not own the goldeneye games or characters(that i know of) and that it was one of the best N64 games they made, it seems possible.