Games Convention - Mii poster




For the non-German speaking amongst us, it translates as,

“Your Mii is waiting on you.
Find your Mii in Hall 2: A22 Nintendo at the Games Conventionâ€ÂÂ

Do you think you will actually be able to see your Mii?
What on Earth is going on? lol

Any ideas?


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I think that means, go to hall 2, buy a wii, pat it's head motheringly, shake a little as you carefully take out the top part of the box only to then see that there is a second half, plugin the cords, switch the output cables because you put the yellow in the white in your sheer excitement, contemplate the difference between putting the sencor bar on top or bottom, turn on your Wii (the name still gives you the shakes) using the remote, be greeted by the loving blue glow, be awd by the sheer sleakness of the main screen, even the connecting of your wifi gives you chills, you glide the pointer to the Mii Channel and click all in one flawless motion, running now to go get a mirror (you don't know if you can edit), you try all of the hairstyles (even the dreds) for the heck of it, you save it to your wii remote (even though you have plenty of room), and that is what that sign means. Lol.