Game Review: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger is one of the better Pokemon Spin-offs, where instead of catching and training pokemon, you capture (in a different sort of way), "borrow" their powers (coughyouusethepokemoncough) and then let them run off.
This is done with a Capture Styler, which is controlled with the Stylus. When you encounter a pokemon, you are required to whirl the stylus round in circles a set number of times (or once if you want to flee) to befriend the pokemon and have them follow you around.
Most of the time, you catch a pokemon to use their powers. Some powers are used in the middle of catching a pokemon, by enhancing the Styler. These range from holding down the Stylus to make a bubble to trap a pokemon in to making grass appear to slow down the target.
Some are used outside of battle to remove an obstacle. Later in the game, most obstacles require a level three pokemon (which I'll explain later) so you must go searching through a short dungeon (either a maze or an obstacle ridden area)
And one other power is to charge up the power on your styler. If a pokemon attacks a line you drew, then your styler loses power and once it's lost it all then it's the terrifying Game over screen ;-;
Another reason to catch a pokemon is to calm it down. There's a raging Charizard which needs to be caught twice at different parts of the game. You don't get to use these powers as the game automatically releases them once their caught.
As with regular pokemon, once they've been used they just run back into the wild.

Each pokemon is either level 1, 2 or 3, which signifies how strong its power is. For example; There's a big boulder in your way which requires a level three strength power. Your Geodude only has one so you must go and search for the hidden pokemon with a level 3 strength power to advance.

There's not much to say about the story. It's pretty much the same as all pokemon games. Evil group wants to take over the world using legendary pokemon (in this case, the legendary dogs) and you must stop them.
Nothing we haven't seen before

The graphics are pretty impressive, moreso that RSE/FRLG, maybe even D/P and the animations are really nice to look at. Except when they get overused (Ugh, I hated the guys with the instruments. I must have seen that animation about a hundred times now x_x)

The music and sound is nice to listen to as well, but some of it is annoying.

Ranger is a really, and I mean it when I say really, frustrating game. You kill you wrist, fingers and hand drawing circles and then you get a game over. And Entei at the end must be the hardest thing ever to do in a pokemon game. It's enough to put anyone off the game x-x

Oh yeah, you get several special missions after you beat Story mode. Entering a code allows you to unlock a Manaphy mission, which rewards you with a Manaphy egg to transfer to Diamond or Pearl :D

Final score: 84%
It's a good game but it gets repetitive and frustrating. A good way to spend a week or two though ^^