ezToteTM Carabiner Case


"The ezTote Carabiner Case is an easy way to store and travel with the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Whether going on a trip or just to a friend’s, the ezTote makes it easy to take the controllers anywhere. The carabiner clip can be clipped to a belt, backpack, bike or purse. It also includes a wrist strap for easy carrying. Made of EVA material, the case is strong and light to provide sturdy protection. The carabiner clip is included and a sturdy zipper keeps the case closed. The ezTote suggested retail price is $14.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007."

lol. Anyone interested?? :crazy:

Here are some more of the ez accessories, but most have already been posted.

Full link here


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I was kinde interested in the "boxing gloves" though i would never buy it !

And wtf do you do with the nunchuk, just let it hang loose?!
And it doesnt work that smooth yet so it would work great anyway...


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The kombat kit is awesome also that wii super stand is cool too bad you have to order it from the netD: well.....that stuff is so awesome I wonder if they have wii light guns*goes to check*