Cameron to ban video games?!



"David Cameron will set out the Tory fight against crime.

David Cameron warned that tackling crime in Britain would take a generation as he lashed out at Labour's "knee-jerk" law and order reforms.

The Tory leader moved to set out a long-term strategy to change behaviour, starting in the home - with potential curbs on violent video games - and at school.

But he insisted short-term measures were also necessary to end the early release of prisoners from overcrowded jails - threatening to put criminals two to a cell.

Speaking as he prepared to outline a Conservative "mini-manifesto" on law and order, Mr Cameron criticised Labour's "one-dimensional" approach to crime.

"We are never going to deal with crime unless we look at the broader context and say 'Yes, tough laws, strong action on the police, but also action to strengthen our society'.

"And that includes, I think, video games and things like that where we do need to think of the context in which people are growing up." " link

What on Earth is he talking about?!
I agree that some video games are very violent, but that is why there are age ratings and if parents and shops actually stopped under-aged children from buying these (like with movies) then surely this wouldn't be an issue. However I understand that a lot of kids want to play these games... But, in the same token a lot of kids want to smoke and get drunk, and they will be punished for it if caught! So why isn't it the same?


Goddam politics!! lol


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Lol, why do some people care about video games so much. Don't let underage kids play the violent games suited for people above their age.