Brown to ban video games?!


Last I week I opened a thread titled 'Cameron to ban video games'. Well now the Prime Minister himself, the leader of the opposition, the guy no-one had to vote for, also agrees!


"After Tory leader David Cameron voiced his views on violent games last week, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has jumped into the debate, claiming there is a growing concern amongst the public regarding the effects of such games on youngsters.

According to UK tabloid The Mirror, Brown plans to investigate whether new rules are needed when advertising or selling potentially violent games to youths. He claimed: "Parents are concerned about whether children are exposed to harmful violence and sexual imagery in games and on the internet."

Futhermore, later this week, Brown will unveil new proposals concerning the regulation of videogames to a 'Citizens' Jury' as part of a series of debates on anti-social behaviour. This group consists of members of the public who'll be consulted by the British Government on issues surrounding youth safety.

So, here's to a future full of Viva Pinata and Brain Training titles then. Hooray!" Link


Is there a growing concern within the UK? Or is it just more fear mongering and a need from the higher powers to be able to control us in whatever we do?! We've seen it all before in the US, blame Marylin Manson or video games, just don't blame the government!

Man it makes me mad! :mega_shok:


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I'm with you. Less bans, less censorship, LESS ********. More not-sell-inadequate-games-to-inadequate-people, and less blame videogames for everything bad.

It drives me mad, too.


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This has always been a pet peeve of mine. It's irresponsible parenting that makes kids grow up bad, not TV or video games!

Unfortunately, we now live in such a pass-the-buck society that bad parents (and anyone in general who likes to shirk responsibility) prefer to blame someone else for their mistakes, hence the government now telling us what to do lest there is public outrage.

That of course backfires because the rest of us (the responsible ones) don't want, or need, to be told what to do! Technically, the government can't win, someone will always disagree with whatever course of action they take.

I'm not trying to defend the government here. I hate censorship and like to think that I'm intelligent enough to decide what's good for me and my family and what isn't without intervention. However, I do think that in this litigation-happy era we have created a bit of a vicious circle. It's a sad state of affairs when one has to be overly strict just so they don't get blamed for something that's not their responsibility anyway. Only when the government is sure that they will not be blamed for things will they stop trying to control our lives.


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...What the?!? He can't ban Videogames! It's not the games that kill people, it's the (stupid) people that play the games! :(


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I feel bad for you guys.. :(
video games do not kill people at all.. the real problem is the people playing it.. The parents are also to blame if you wanna blame video games blame it on yourself.. it's your fault your bad not the games.. games entertain the human mind.. To be honest I think it gives you hand to eye coordination.. which is good for sports.. kids are supposed to play 1-3 hours a day and have an hour break.. so.. Shut The Hell Up.. thats all I have to say..


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Kurrus said:
I'm with you. Less bans, less censorship, LESS BULLSHIT. More not-sell-inadequate-games-to-inadequate-people, and less blame videogames for everything bad.

It drives me mad, too.

Zigurat said:
Complete bullshit imo, they shouldn't blame video games.

Please mind your language ;)