Beat the image above


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This is a simple and fun yet old forum game... you have to post an image that beats that of the user's above.

For example:

Kurrus: [picture of a camera with zoom]
User1: [picture of a telescope]
User2: [picture of a space telescope]
User3: [picture of a Star Wars spaceship]
User4: [picture of a Star Trek movie]
User5: [picture of a videoconsole]

!! RULES !!
1.- No cheap pictures, please. Nukes and Chuck Norrises aren't fun in this game :D
2.- The picture you post must beat the picture above, no fun if someone posts a watermelon and you post a glass of water :(
3.- Please post related pics if you can. If someone posts a cookie, it's better if you reply with pie instead of wrench or stomp.

This said, I start: