Would you like a black wii??'



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romsmans said:
do yu think they are going to do more models of the wii or in other colors???

I like the white one, i admit a black one would be cool, with the blue light coming out of it, but thats close to the playstation.

A white wii all the way, very new, modern.


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sounds sweet, it would be cool if you could change the color of the blue light, even though i love the blue light, i'd like to see what other colors would look like


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I know a great design for a Wii in my opinion but if they would start with a lot of colors it would be like the Ipod´s image. I think white is the color most associate Wii with today...


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You don't need to buy another Wii to have a different colour.
I have a black Wii and this is what I have: