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So what do you think is Wiiware a good move by nintendo? We really would need some sort of hard drive to be able to have any good games.


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Well, I thought it was going to be DEMOs and stuff, so I'm quite disappointed...
They just show trailers and stuff, that they could as well have used the internet for.


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You two seem very mature. =)
And what star points system? Please, we Europeans almost doesn't get anything compared to you on the other side of the big ocean. :/

For example, we didn't even get faceplates to our precious GB micros.


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Kevlar said:
europe is getting it next year is it not?

i always thought wiiware was just the wii software in the VC...

Yes it si getting to europe next yaer and I think he means it dose not come this year


I started a thread on this already but stupidly named wiiwarez http://wiipros.co.uk/wiiwarez-t-700.html Needs to be deleted!

Here are the vitals...

WiiWare new channel announced

For months in a breath with the very successful Virtual CONSOLE also newly developed plays are called, which are to be offered over Wii for the Download. As Reggie Fils Aime admits, of his indication president of NoA now gave, in foreseeable time the new Wii channel - WiiWare, so the provisional name will be available, for the Download.

Nintendo already is on the search for possible contents and steps here both with established Publishern as well as with young developers in contact. The offered titles are to be only examined by BigN for their operability, all further is thing of the developers. The payment is to be gone as used with WiiPoints of. To expect we know the new channel unfortunately only in the next year. Possibly also for a long time persistent in the rumors the Wii holding appears non removable disk in this connection, which Nintendo is to have given with a third manufacturer in order.

While the channel name is yet to be announced, WiiWare is what the games are being called. Nintendo has stated that they are looking for content from all sources, from big name developers to the indie crowd. The only thing Nintendo would do with these titles is check to make sure they work right. It’s up to the developers to secure a rating and so on. Pricing will be determined on a game by game basis.

Source: gonintendo.com