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This "WiiMania" is a funny thing. People with (or without) imagination make strange websites, videos, accessories, pictures etc..

If you like Wii and you like cats.. Then you got to see this another example about WiiMania

Or maybe you'd like to see people getting hurt while playing.

Or to see how tv remote acts as a Wiimote

Can you beat a dog at Wii Sports tennis?

Video of Wii laptop can be found here

Seen N64 kids? Here you can find Nintendo Wii kids


Add your own proof of WiiMania below!


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lol nice kittle website...

I found this video where these people act like a tv remote is a wiimote.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkj28_TVFss&mode=related&search=


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Anyone seen the wiidog thing, a dog with a wiimote strapped around its wrist kicks peoples ass's at wii sports!

If no, youtube: "wiidog" haha its funny, if not a little fake!