Wii the 'Greenest' of the Big Three



"The San Jose Mercury News' Dean Takahashi recently measured various bits of tech around his house to find out how "green" they were, and discovered that of the big three consoles, the Wii has the tiniest carbon footprint.

Using a device called a Kill A Watt, Takahashi learned that the Wii consumes just 17 watts of energy, compared to the PS3's 171 watts and his 360 Elite's 194 watts. To give you a bit of perspective, Takahashi's 42-inch plasma TV (drool) burned 200 watts and his fully loaded Gateway FX530 gaming rig consumed 266 watts.

The worst offender in the house? The toaster, by far, eating up a monstrous 866 watts."


Isn't that nice to know? :)


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I find it funny that the toaster consumes 4 times the amount of jiggawats *lol jiggawats XD* as those huge ass Plasmas .

Thanks for the info :)


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Nice to know that our wiis a part of been of great "Consoles" "healthy promoting" for the kinda games you play of the likes of Wii sports and WiiPlay are also "Green friendly" as well!

Very nice indeed.;)