Wii Pros/Cons



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i think they should have put a hard drive on it like the 360 and you can play your own music while on games :D

part from that i dont think thees anything wrong with it


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Yeah I would love to be able to play music and dvd's off the Wii.

Hopefully they change this with a firmware update.


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jan33sh said:
fraekin dvd playback would b nice. nd free internet. jeez.

pros is that it is small!!

I also like the fact that it is small...
Can bring it anywhere, and it doesn't weigh much, either.
I don't like the fact that the USB slots are at the back, my wii is on a shelf where you have to fit your arm through a small area to get to the back of the wii :(


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One con about the Wii is the controller options, some games are just not made for the Wiimote with its features, I think developers should have included an option in the games to either use the Wiimote with its motion, Classic controller or Gamecube controller, like Mortal Kombat does, this way some of the games will be so much better.
Just because the motion is there you shouldn't have to use it in every game released as I think it ruins some games.