wii music?



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badboykane said:
I though this was meant to be released on launch, almost 1 year later and still no release.

Looks a bit cheesy to me though

I remember on the old Nintendo E3 Conference, Miyamoto making music with it.
He's playing it on there, how come we don't even get to see it yet?


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I really want Guitar Hero 3.
Maybe Nintendo should make their version feature some nintendo originals, like the SMB theme, AND TETRIS(both of which I can play on guitar, but not well at all =).


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I got guitar hero on my PS2 but thats it, I have number 2 on the 360 but not really played it, not got the guitar controller and no fun without it.


A new WiiMusic video, although it is in Japanese... Link



"Nintendo has finally provided gamers with details on their musical venture for the Wii, cleverly (and tentatively) titled Wii Music. Wii Music uses the Nunchuk and Wii Remote in time with button presses to control a six person band. Forty instruments will be available on which one can rock out, with four-player support and single player options available. The single player mode will let a Wii owner command up to four musicians simultaneously. If that's simply too much for you to handle, the CPU can control the remaining five if you want to dedicate yourself to a solo performance.

Wii Music is on beat to ship in 2008 in Japan, but we won't know a North American or European release date for a while." Link


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Wii Music looks a bit weird to me.... dunno if i will bother with this one. I will definately be getting guitar hero 3 though