Wii Modchip??


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Has Any one ever heard about Mod chips for the Wii and or is using it?

Along the things I read it can do...is:
a Wii mod-chip that allows for backup, import, and DVD-/+R compatibility as well as enhanced GameCube compatibility

- Wii and Game Cube backups working exactly like original discs
- Support for Game Cube homebrew and imports
- Full Game Cube compatibility (including audio streaming games)
- Stealth
- Quick-solder
- Works with multi-disc games
I've not heard if any of those rumours are true, but no way would i get 1. it sounds like a good idea, but any firmware nintendo send you normally breaks the wii if it is modded. best to be on the safe side...


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Don't do it, is my advice. It invalidates your warranty, and could damage your wii. Why would you want to ruin it for? It's not natural for the wii and could cause it to freeze, it's not designed to play dvds, and that's the way it should stay!!


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I will probably get a mod chip when they are able to make use of wii hombrew until then it just waste. But if you want every wii game on the market for about 300$. Then get it. (100$ chip and chipping cost. 200$ on dvd's)


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$300, thats expensive.
My chip cost me £2, I fitted myself.
I now have about 95 games on DVD and a pack of 100 DVD-R cost me £9.99

So in total I have spent £11.99 which is the equivalent of about $24 - no where near $300

Oh sorry, I bought 100 White DVD cases from Ebay too for £24.99 so in total I have actually spent £36.98 which is roughly $75, again still no where near $300


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Yes I've heard of them, got one myself actually. Works perfect.. And if you don't make the latest updates (like 3.0) they have no chance of bricking your wii.


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isn't theres about 20 threads about this alreday?

Anyways. if im modding, then i want a better way to get games on. i can't find any right now but im not that into it...