Wii Lights



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Yeah you go into Wii options and if you look around theres a bit that asks you about your wii's light, but why would you wanna turn it off?


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when u wake up and it is blue it means there is somethign u can download or update and to get it to turn off just turn on your wii and then turn it off


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ok gdog heres the step by step.

1. On the wii menu at the bottom-left hand press "wii options"

2. When there press wii settings

3.Then at the bottom you see that there is three pages of options.
Go to page "2".

4. When you're at page 2 you'll see options like
- Parental Controls
- Sensor Bar
- Internet
- Wiiconnect24

5. Go to "Wiiconnect24"

6. Then you'll see a list like:

- Wiiconnect24
- Stabdby Connection
- Slot Illumination

7. Then press slot illumintion.

8. Then press whatever option you would like.

Hope this helps