Wii internet



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brokehero510 said:
soooo u cant download from internet to wii using the internet opera...

So you saying no downoload from the Wii browser...
If it is like that what a shame for the usability of Wii on the internet.
Downloading is what internet is all about
Wii makers help us internet freaks:D


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I'm thinking about getting it, but I spent all my cash on the Wii...

Grr... I got my Wii the day it stopped being free -.-


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I use that more than i play my VC games. 500 points well spent in my opinion. and most of the development into "Soft-Modding" is done through the browser too :eek:)


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Internet channel is nice, but writing with Wiimote is frustrating.

One nice feature is Miimusic http://www.miimusic.com/play Still it is much easier to listen music the traditional way. :)


Yarp, I got it for free too. I use it to play silly flash games. My favorite free game site albinoblacksheep.com


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i got it(paid 500 hundred points) and i think it's worth it. yes, the writing can be frustrating, and the fact that u can't have more than one page up at a time is a bummer, but it is really good. it can do just about everything regular internet does. (except download stuff) and sites that need an updated java browser or anything like that mite not work. but it is convienent having it on the wii and it is a nice touch.