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sad said:
People are saying that wiis wifi will be as bad as the ds wifi connection do you think is this true?

You always say that "People are saying this" and "People are saying that"...

The DS Wi-Fi connection is actually quite amazing.
But the Wii Wi-Fi isn't very good; so many errors on MSCF :(

Divine Justice

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Yeah, DS Wifi is great. I don't see how you could really think it's bad. The only thing I don't like is the time it takes on MKDS to find a friend and connect


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Divine Justice said:
Yeah, DS Wifi is great. I don't see how you could really think it's bad. The only thing I don't like is the time it takes on MKDS to find a friend and connect

Use quicksearch.
(Hold R when you press "OK" or the A button)
i havent encountered anything wrong with the wii's wifi service yet. I havent encountered any problems on mscf- but maybe thats because i dont play it online that often. It can only get better tho- like with the ds. slow starting but wen it gets goin it, its great. its just a matter of time before there are loads of great games.
(Copied and pasted from my blog)

This is why I'm not getting Mario strikers Charged Football

Many people are getting said game because it's the first wifi game on the Wii.
I'm not a big fan of Football games, but the real reason I'm not getting it. Is due online itself.
Y'see, online is a big feature of this game. Online seems great right? You imagine yourself playing with you friends. You see yourself having fun with strangers who will accept a loss no matter what. And you think about chatting to nice guys who laugh off being sniped.
In reality, people just disconnect, cheat and swear their heads off at you.

Last night I decided to play a bit of Mario kart online while I was waiting for a text.
I found four people. The first disconnected before the race had started. I accepted that he either had connection troubles or had to go somewhere. There were still two people left to race with.
I thought I'd found people who weren't cheaters/disconnecters. I was half-right. A new player who didn't have a wifi history didn't do anything.

But on the last race (the score being the third person won the first two races, I won the third) I was about three seconds away from the finish and I suddenly see the third person suddenly teleport from the other side of the track (we were in baby park) and steal the win from under my nose.

So there you go. I'm not fussed about online. It's not just Nintendo's online. It's online in any game; funnily summed up in this video (warning, homophobic slurs and extreme swearing)

<insert embedded video here>

It's a real pity, because online seems like it'd be the best thing in the world. Everyone's hoping for online in Brawl. Whereas I'd like to see that, I wont care if it's not in it. Because we'd just end up with disconnectors and cheaters. I hope it's a long time before AR comes out for the Wii

So yeah, my view of wifi :p


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I don't get the problem... and ice cat: you just are unlucky and older games like that doesn't have many online because, it's an old game! ppl don't like it anymore!