When did you start gaming?


I started playing game swhen I was young with the NES, I played Mario and Dragon Warrior, and that was also the first system of mine, and soon after the SNES


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my dad had sonic 1 but i dont remember it. then i got a snes when i was 3-4 or so and i figured out how to play on it too! so i played mario and stuff


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I forget how old I was, had an Atari (think we borrowed it of my uncle) my first owned console (if you can call it that) was a Commador 64 which i got as an Xmas presant


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Started with my a nes that i got from my dad. When i was about 2years old. In 1991 played Pro rc, Ice Climbers, Mario, Kid Icarus, Shadowgate and Dejavu. Love the last two:p


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I started my gaming days with Alex Kidd In Miracal (sp?) World for the Master System, I wasn't very good at it mind, but still.


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When i was 3, im 20 now, so 17 years of gaming, woo!

That was 1990 then, first console i played on was a master system, and an amstrad/amiga (one of the two)!

Man how times have changed!