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what kind of every-day stuff? Walking the dog and changing kitty-sand? Feeding the goldfishes and watering your Japanese peace lily. How-to:s like:

HowTo: Start a Fire
HowTo: Get Over A Break-Up
HowTo: Construct a Homemade Nuclear Bomb
HowTo: Destroy the Death Star
HowTo: Sneak Food into a Movie Theater
HowTo: Annoy unwanted roommates
HowTo: Annoy your Teacher
HowTo: Antagonize People for Being Different
HowTo: Arson
HowTo: Ask a girl out
HowTo: Avoid
HowTo: Avoid Misplacement
HowTo: Avoid Pregnancy
HowTo: Avoid Rugby
HowTo: Avoid catching West Nile Virus
HowTo: Avoid misspells
HowTo: Avoid speeding tickets/fines
HowTo: Avoid tentacle rape
HowTo: Backup DVDs...With Telekenesis!
HowTo: Be 1337
HowTo: Be A Dad
HowTo: Be A Prophet
HowTo: Be American
HowTo: Be An Asshole
HowTo: Be An Evil Star Emperor
HowTo: Be At One With The Universe
HowTo: Be Brazilian
HowTo: Be For Something Before You Are Against It
HowTo: Be French
HowTo: Be Incoherent
HowTo: Be Racist
HowTo: Be Random
HowTo: Be Scottish
HowTo: Be a Douchebag
HowTo: Be a Gangsta
HowTo: Be a Jehovah's Witness
HowTo: Be a Pimp
HowTo: Be a Pirate
HowTo: Be a Scientist
HowTo: Be a Tramp
HowTo: Be a Wigger
HowTo: Be a conservative
HowTo: Be a forum administrator
HowTo: Be a guitar hero
HowTo: Be a hipster
HowTo: Be a liberal
HowTo: Be a model Bucharest citizen (Cum sa devii bucurestean)
HowTo: Be a n00b in 5 ways
HowTo: Be a republican
HowTo: Be a sysadmin
HowTo: Be an Emo
HowTo: Be an absolute retard
HowTo: Be bored
HowTo: Be constantly annoying
HowTo: Be late for everything
HowTo: Be like your favorite Celebrity
HowTo: Be pretentious
HowTo: Beat the Odds
HowTo: Beat your wife
HowTo: Become Famous on the Internet
HowTo: Become Writer of the Month
HowTo: Become a Connoisseur
HowTo: Become a Dictator
HowTo: Become a Lawyer
HowTo: Become a Ninja
HowTo: Become a Playboy Bunny
HowTo: Become a Superhero
HowTo: Become a Zoo Tycoon
HowTo: Become a rapist
HowTo: Become a wise old man
HowTo: Become an Admin
HowTo: Become an Evil Genius
HowTo: Become an OAP
HowTo: Believe in ALLAH
HowTo: Bend a spoon
HowTo: Birdwatch
HowTo: Blame Something Else For Your Problems
HowTo: Break Up With Your Imaginary Girlfriend
HowTo: Break stuff
HowTo: Breathe
HowTo: Build a gaming console from a kitchen appliance
HowTo: Build your own Battleship
HowTo: Build your own Space Elevator
HowTo: Build your own Thermonuclear Weapon
HowTo: Burn A Flag In Protest
HowTo: Buy Life Insurance
HowTo: Catch A Mouse
HowTo: Catch A Predator
HowTo: Catch and Prepare a Lobster
HowTo: Chair A Meeting
HowTo: Change Your Identity
HowTo: Change a Spare Tire
HowTo: Change a leopard's spots
HowTo: Change a lightbulb
HowTo: Cheat At Scrabble
HowTo: Check for Lumps
HowTo: Choose a 7th generation console
HowTo: Clean a Cheese Grater
HowTo: Clean your gun
HowTo: Come Out of the Closet
HowTo: Commit Suicide
HowTo: Commit the Perfect Murder
HowTo: Confuse yourself
HowTo: Construct A ViStationThwii60
HowTo: Construct a Federation Starship
HowTo: Convince People You're a Heterosexual Male
HowTo: Convince people you're a nutcase
HowTo: Cook A Human
HowTo: Cook Children
HowTo: Cook Crocodiles
HowTo: Cook While Drunk
HowTo: Cook gourmet
HowTo: Cook the books
HowTo: Crash Your Dad's New Corvette
HowTo: Crash a Plane
HowTo: Create A Webpage For A Band Or Artist
HowTo: Create a Website
HowTo: Create an e-Persona
HowTo: Criticize the Media
HowTo: Crusade Successfully
HowTo: Cure Cancer
HowTo: Cut Your Own Head Off With a Chainsaw
HowTo: De-Snake A Plane
HowTo: Deal with an emergency
HowTo: Deceive people on eBay
HowTo: Defeat Evil
HowTo: Defend your Home
HowTo: Deliver a Baby, A Concise and Easy-to-follow Guide Developed, Tested, and Approved by the AMA (No, Not that AMA. The Other One) and Reprinted with the Permission of the JAMA (Also a Different One)
HowTo: Depend
HowTo: Destory France
HowTo: Destroy Sumatra
HowTo: Destroy the Universe
HowTo: Dismantle an atomic bomb
HowTo: Do Fish Impressions
HowTo: Do Not Resuscitate
HowTo: Do Voodoo
HowTo: Do Your Taxes
HowTo: Do a Barrel Roll
HowTo: Draw Female Breasts
HowTo: Draw a head
HowTo: Drive
HowTo: Drive A Car Into A Lake
HowTo: Drive Like an Asian
HowTo: Drive a shopping cart
HowTo: Drive off a cliff
HowTo: Drive your friend's Kar
HowTo: Duel
HowTo: Earn Money
HowTo: Eat
HowTo: Eat Your Hat
HowTo: Eat a Reese's
HowTo: Eat a Snickers Bar Without Offending Homosexuals
HowTo: Eat a Twix
HowTo: Eat with Chopsticks
HowTo: Edit Uncyclopedia
HowTo: End the Universe
HowTo: Escape IKEA
HowTo: Evade a Knife Wielding Maniac
HowTo: Exorcise your Printer
HowTo: Explode
HowTo: Fall on your sword
HowTo: Fart without anyone knowing it
HowTo: Featured
HowTo: Fend Off Wild Animals
HowTo: Feng Shui Your Computer
HowTo: Field Strip an M16
HowTo: Fight insomnia
HowTo: Fight off a termite infestation
HowTo: Fight the man
HowTo: Figure out what Women Want
HowTo: Find God
HowTo: Find a girlfriend - step by step for total idiots
HowTo: Find a parking space
HowTo: Fit Inside a Dryer
HowTo: Fix an Xbox 360
HowTo: Flirt
HowTo: Fly
HowTo: Fly a Plane
HowTo: Fold a Fitted Sheet
HowTo: Form a shitty screamo band
HowTo: Fuck Up My Article
HowTo: Get A Job
HowTo: Get Around In A Fighting Tournament
HowTo: Get Arrested

Just asking :D


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By the Way, I didn't intend to be mean or anything :D. Just found something, thought it was funny, made some stuff up myself, posted it. (noway i could have written that myself right?)