underestimating the Wii



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Squiddy said:
BeatMario said:
Well, to be honest.
Nintendo haven't made any "violent" and "offensive" games, at all.
But the buyers are expecting "kiddy" games, as that's more what Nintendo is most likely to give...

*Looks at Sin & Punishment, Geist and Eternal Darkness*

3 mature games from Nintendo, 2 were published by Nintendo & 1 developed inhouse by Nintendo.

i think he means on a usual basis because of course there going to have a few mature games for people who arent kids like teens and adults thats what i think

beerbert said:
to be honest screw the people who say that i like the wii becuase its so fun and their are loads of adults that have em so ye

u go tellem that wii wii wii :crazy:


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TimpZ said:
childish... kiddy... just because not every game has blood and gore in them until yer head explode

Despite this being true I still think Ninty aren't hardcore enough lately and are, dare I say it, extremely kiddy.


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Jailbreak said:
A lot of people said the gmaecube was "kiddy" as well

well smash bros meele showed em :D
You guys are forgeting Brawl.. not that kiddish in my eyes.. It's a violent game :D