Tony hawks downhill jam

lord sam

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Tony hawks downhill jam is an ok game it is quite an easy game to complete, it is more like a racing game it is not like an normal tony hawks game



I got this a while ago £11 on ebay, cant complain with that!
I thought the controls were going to be worse than they were, but they're actually quiet responsive.


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Giga-Bowser said:
lord sam said:
Ash said:
Im not sure whether to get it, do you recon its worth it?

depends on how much it is

i would say it is good for £25 but no more than that now, when it first came out i got it for £35 at my local shop (Play-Away Ltd)

I got it today for £24.99, can't say i'm disappointed, it's pretty fun for bursts of play :D


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I have not played this game, but from the reviews i looks like if u like skaterboarding games u would like it and in my opnaion i would like it b/c of the way u control the skater and how it is a diff way of doing tricks


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downhill jam is racing, with a few tricks... hence it sucked... went too far away from the norm... it would be nice to have another decent tony hawks again


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the last decent tony hawks game was underground (either 1 or 2 dont remember) but this isn't skateboarding, just racing on a longboard.