The Wii Pros Official Europe MSCF Tournament


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Hey guys,

With Permission from Mario I Am running the Official European MSCF Tournie. As its region coded sorry all you yankees!

Anyways here is how it goes

There will be league Groups, 4 to a group (Will make bigger if loads of intrest).

The top person in each group will advance to the Second Stage

Then there will be play offs in the second stage. The top 4 advance to the third stage. the top 2 in that stage will advance to the Final.

The Winner of the Final will recieve 20 Coins from yours truly so come on guys!

PM Me with you Name and Friend Code so I can add you to the list of participants

The Closing Date for Entry is the 3rd of September so get your entry in!

Current List of Players:
Kennyluciano (Mii: kenny) FC: 459667 883625
Squiddy (Mii: Squiddy) FC: 008691 107084


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Hey, you don't need to get FCs via PM. :) Just post em here. Also, I thought entrants were gonna pay Coins to enter, with the total paid being the coin prize?

I'll join, it'll make good practice until the XLEAGUE.TV tournament.

Squiddy (Mii: Squiddy)
008691 107084


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Added you Squiddy, Nice suggestion but we could end up paying 20 coins entry imagine if 40 people entered :-/ I Think it will be simpler if I just give the Winner Coins.

Added you to the List


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The Closing Date for Entry is September the Third, the Tournament will last depending on how many people sign up, could be a week, could be a month


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Adiman423 said:
I would participate if nintendo did not make the price for Mario Strikers Charged Football so extortionate!

Just found this - I got my copy for £27. OK I cheated a little bit to get 10% off so it was £24.30, but that's not a bad price.