Space Station Tycoon


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New Game for the Wii which you take the role of a person Maintaining Space Stations.

Game Title: Space Station Tycoon
Developer: Wahoo Studies
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Strategy
Rating: Pending
Platforms: Wii, PSP


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They promised to use alot of wiimote controls so i don't know yet...

I like the way i did the info i'm gonna start doing that from now on..


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heh heh this could be fun! though knwoing my luck on tycoon games something will break and all of my little people will get sucked out into space to their deaths :S




More screenshots here
Official trailer

"The pig people just want to have fun! They clamor for entertainment, so it seems only fair to deliver. Bowling should do the trick, even in outer space. It's your job, as Space Station Tycoon's protagonist Shawn, to take the advice of various aliens and create the ultimate experience in space living.

The Wii Remote's motion controls make building additions to your floating islands a simple point-and-click affair. Annexes appear initially in the form of big crates that you can bust open when they're ready by shaking the Nunchuck over them. As you expand your real estate according to the hopes and dreams of prospective visitors (fill those little bars!), you can hold the B button to create a Gravity Well that pulls potential customers to the establishment they were searching for. Be careful, though -- while playing an early version of the game at press event earlier this week, we completely destroyed our brand new fancy karaoke joint by accidentally slinging a spaceship into it.

While it's a little disappointing there is no straight-up freeplay mode, there are some scenarios that allow you to build to your heart's content without a time limit. There is a co-op mode, so you and a friend with another remote can work together towards building Utopia or constantly foil each other's plans by spending all the money on unstable powerstations. With the game's decidedly cartoon-like style, Space Station Tycoon has the showings of a wacky, comedic building sim." Link

ONM have written that there is also a competitive multiplayer, and the use of the Wiimote is more than just your typical point and click device, it's also used to catch asteroids, attack invaders, and collecting tips from friendly visitors.

My girlfriend loves these games, so I will be buying this for her :blush: And the co-op sounds like it could make this tycoon a tycoon to watch out for?!


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badboykane said:
Personally I think all those Tycoon games are best left on the PC, but you never know it may turn out ok, unlike Zoo tycoon on DS

I agree, it might be alrite but i think that the only decent tycoon game was rollercoaster tycoon, never relly liked any of the others


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it looks cool, but i can just see it being pointer, nunchuck to move camera and well the use of A and a button to enter a menu and close the menu


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Hmm... the concept looks very similiar to Outpost Kaloki which I played but got bored with very quickly. It does sound like the kind of game which will work well on the Wii platform however.

The Tycoon games are very much a hit-and-miss affair. Some are good, others are just plain awful. Unless you're a die-hard fan of this genre, I'd strongly recommend renting a game like this first if possible.