Sick of Wii jokes

Daxter D

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Why are there still so many articles and suchlike that still use the pun on Wii like "Wii like it" or "Wii are the champions" around? It wasn't funny the first time in my opinion but now it's just plain annoying! What's your opinion?


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Its not fair y should people make fun of the wii they make jokes like wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and wee as in you no. I dont make fun of ps3 and xbox 360


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chickenhea said:
I dont make fun of ps3 and xbox 360

There was loads of jokes about the 360 around in other forums because of its bad rep for faults with the Ring of death(3 rel lights).
There is a whole music Video on Youtube about the 360 ring of death, it is a remake of Johnny cash ring of fire but all about the 360.

There is also a youtube video of Wii vs PS3, a remake of the Mac vs PC ads which takes the pi## out of PS3.

There are jokes about all of them but the Wii ones stand out more because as already said they are catchy.