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What is ur sensitivity level?

I am having trouvble controlling my wiimote....?

yes there is no object or anything interfering the wii..!
go to console settings and set it. its different depending on where your sensor bar is. just do the thing with the blinking dots in the Settings menu, and you should be fine.


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scwiible, do you know what you're meant to do?
You're meant to point your Wiimote at the center of the screen from the distance that you're usually gonna play at, and then use the buttons to put the dots in the center of the screen(Or whereever you're pointing you wiimote).

Daxter D

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Could sensitivity have something to do with the problem I'm having with my wii? Sometimes the pointer flips upside down and it's controls invert. If I take away the Wii remote for a few secondsa and then try again it works fine, but it's very annoying when playing games.[/align]


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i put mine on max but it started having disruptions. my pointer would go crazy all over the screen! i checked those dots and i didn't see 2 dots, I saw 20! i tuned it down and that helped