WTS: Selling Xbox 360 Account


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Hi! I have recently sold my xbox 360 and have got my own pc now. I have gotten into csgo trading and no longer need my xbox account

What does it include? Xbox live membership till April 21st 2015
Lots of games including:
*These are ALL Downloadable from the account i have purchased them from the marketplace*
Call Of Duty: Black ops 2 *With All Downloadable content accept some of the camos*
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call Of Duty: Ghosts *with all downloadable content*
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare *With the first Map Pack*
Grand Theft Auto V - Online Rank 131 with 100,000,000$ 3 Full Car Garages/Apartments
Grand Theft Auto IV
*Almost All Of The Free Games WIth Gold That Has Came Out*
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Risk Factions
Monopoly Streets

I currently have no set buy price for this. If u would like to talk about this message me on skype
Skype: Jaybusaskid2000

Thanks For Taking the time to read this have a nice day! :D