Scariest part..?



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it is like 3 am and u are creeped out of see died bodies on the ground then one pops out of the corner and one comes up from the ground just freaky


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GoldenAssassin said:
Never had any scary times with the Wii. Probably the worst anticipation was worrying about not getting one when it was first released.

But I did. :)

Same here, well, that and wondering if I would ever be able to go on the internet again after the internet connection went bust.


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Trying to get the video streaming to work through my network connection.
Was connecting to the correct ip address but not lilstening to the correct port, after 3 hours of trying to get it working i wanted to kick it across my lounge!!!

Thank "insert deity here" my missus saw a spelling mistake, i came so close... that was quite scary.


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When I ended up having to ship the first Wii I got back, because it was giving me disc read errors.. I thought it was going to be the same for the others too! Luckily, it wasn't.