RPG Maker



I use RPG Maker XP(RMXP) every now and then and I am working on remaking Dragon Warriro 1 from the NES and I am going to add things to it as well as adding another continent after the game is beaten, I know this will take a long time, and I just started not to long ago


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I used to use RPG Maker 3000 until stuff started happening like the levels started changing by there selfs and everything so i just gave up on it...


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I used to use it.. But my attention span doesn't last long enough to complete a game like I wanted to. It seemed all too confusing at the time, and now I just don't have the interest.


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well it was some time ago, but I used it a whole lot before.

But as usual for me, I was working on a big project but then I thought it was getting boring so I just had to add something that would get the game a little more ..."not serious" so I added Goofy in the game and sure it was pretty funny but then as with my other games...I gave up on it.

But it's been a while now since I last used RPG Maker so maybe I'll start a new project soon.


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i used to bomb people in their almighty dungeon of ass.booom then i died and was reborn again . oh crap i forgot how to play monopoly.....captain krunch over and out.