REVIEW: Mario Strikers Charged Football (By kennyluciano)


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This next review is by the competition winner, well done kennyluciano! Great review!

The Next installment of the Mario Strikers Series is a Bold
and Brilliant Game but why is it? This review will tell you why.

At first you think this looks the same as its predessor why should
I pay 34.99 for a Wii Update? Well believe me it is a lot different
to its original. The visuals are crisp and clear and of course,
the new moves and sidekicks are of course there to make the game
more fun and intresting.

The gameplay itself is fast and fun, Playing football has never
been as fun as this. The different stadiums raging from lava to
thunder have a nice twist (Like Lighting Strikes and Flying Cows).
There is a lot to unlock in this game and because of the difficulty
it will keep you going for ages.

The Mega strike itself is a brilliant feature which adds a new edge
to the game, Firing as many a six balls at once the player must
defend them using the wii remote to pick off them one by one.
The controls work very well as well. Its quite easy to pick up
and play and in no time youll have worked out all the combos.

Sidekicks add a new edge to the game, with 8 In total and 3
On your side. The sidekicks range from the obvious (Toad)
To the Not so obvious (Shy Guy) each have there own skill-
Shot and add a cunning edge to the gameplay. Speaking
Of Captains as well Next level games listened to their
Fans about not enough captains and there are 12 in total
The captains include: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser,
Bowser Jr, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong, and Petey Piranha.

And of course there is the Wi-Fi (Or wii-Fi as I call it)
The online matches are great fun on this (even if people
do use action replay to cheat!) There is a Ranking system
which tracks down your wins, losses goals scored and points.
For the first Wi-Fi outing in Europe this game is fast, fluid
and a great introduction to Online play for the Wii.

There are many Modes to this game, Challenge mode
When you have to complete certain challenged to win
Cheats (Classic Mode and Safe Mega strike for example)
These challenges are very difficult as your progress,
Ranging from Novice to Professional to Legend, to Megastriker

There is also Domination Mode, This is just basically if you want a quick game
You can choose your team, the team you play against, The skill level of the AI.
The Stadium, Time and Goals. This mode is also very fun for 2 player.
2 Player is very easy to set up. You can either play against each other or on
the same team as the AI making it more intresting and challenging to play.
You can also play with a guest on Wi-Fi online

There is also Road to the Striker Cup mode, Basically it starts off with you forming
A new team and there are 3 cups to beat to get to the striker cup. Starting with your
Team on Fire cup to Diamond playing against 6 opponents to get the top spot.
If you thought that the first cup was difficult then the next ones will test your limit.
The difficulty level sky-rockets and will take you ages to beat even on the best team
Possible. This keeps the game going at a fast pace and is more value for money as
It is quite hard and tedious to complete

The reception of the game has also been positive in the world,
Game Rankings scored the game 78% and ONM Scored the game
91% Praising the pick up and play feel of the game.
NGamer criticized the game for its lack of modes but praised the Wi-Fi
Giving it 78%. Also the US Edition of IGN mentioned it as “the first
Wi-Fi outing actually worth bothering withâ€ÂÂ

So from Super Mario Strikers on Gamecube to Mario Strikers Charged on Wii.
This game is a definite improvement to the franchise and im sure there will
Be a sequel in the next few years

All in all a great title worthy of your money and endless hours



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wow that was a really good review:dance2:

i also found out so many things about the game like Road to the Striker Cup mode.

Great job keenyluciano:friends: and also i thank liister87 for posting this:friends: