PS3 360 or WII

who will win the consle war

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Its between the wii and the PS3 once the price drops more people will get it because of all the exluive games and because it belongs to the famous playstation series. I think the wii will win :D:D:D


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Me too! I've checked that game out since the firsts sips of it in magazines and E3 stuff. I want Spore too but I've heard they're going to release it for wii too!


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Personally I don't think the Wii is even in the console war, only the PS3 and 360 can compete with each other in the war as they are really similar consoles.
The Wii is out there in a different league of its own as it is a completely different console and this is what Nintendo wanted which is why they sell so much, Nintendo concentrates on games where the others concentrate on being a better media centre and a games console at the same time.

NeoN said:
Wii is better because of the motion sensitive controller. The PS3 and XBOX 360 does not do that

Yes it does, the PS3 controller has motion too.


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the PS3 does have motion sensing it just different to the Wii.

I'd hate to start a flame war but I believe that Sony will come out on top eventually followed closly by the Wii and then 360 (if they ever manage to get it to work)