nintendos next console



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I think the next one will be a handheld. AS when the DS was announced they said it wasn't the actual sequal to the GBA but was just a move in another direction meaning there will be a new handheld that is just purely gaming rather then a touch screen.


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LOL omg virtual reality xD i wish actully i think we all wish!!! i want the next nintendo console to be like the wii but next gen graphics and .. just more much much more thats if its too much to ask ;]


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I think it might be somhting like this



What do you think

If this came out i think it would be a hit for nintendo lovers


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i know one thing for sure that the next nintendo console will have a different name.I mean each nintendo console has a different name where's as with the playstation,it's the same name only with different numbers.


From the GameInformer magazine there have been inside reports saying that Nintendo's already working on their next big home console. The goals for this system is to have next-gen graphics (With HD!) and better online gaming, maybe even an organized network similar to Xbox Live. They will still be working with the motion sensing controls and work with it to make them better and give players a much better feel of being in the game.

Something to note though (and is said in the magazine) is that this is only loose talk and isn't to be taken too seriously until there's an official announcement.