Motion-Sensing Peripherals Heading To PS2



(This is not the REALPLAY remote! Link for piccy)

"Developers IN2Games have announced that they will be revealing a range of games at the Leipzig Games Convention, which are based around motion-sensing peripherals they have simultaneously developed for the PS2.

REALPLAY Golf; REALPLAY Pool; REALPLAY Tennis; REALPLAY Bowling; REALPLAY Racing and REALPLAY Puzzleshpere will all be available in time for Christmas. Each game will come with its own specific motion-sensing peripheral included at a total retail price of £29.99 each.

Each peripheral is as accurate as any videogaming technology out there at the moment, but on an entirely new format. The games are fun, challenging and highly addictive, and the wireless peripherals offer the best way of controlling games on what will be this Christmas' most popular mainstream console.

IN2Games is an innovative developer that specialises in motion-sensing technology. The company is responsible for the successful Real World Golf series, which utilises the GameTrak controller. The developers are currently working on their next generation wireless motion-sensing controller called Freedom (previously Fusion):

"The REALPLAY range is all about value, fun and bringing wireless motion sensing gaming to new formats," commented Myers. "We're continuing development on Freedom, our next generation of wireless motion sensing technology, but we wanted to publish something new and exciting in time for Christmas - and the REALPLAY range is certainly that."


Jumping on the bandwagon?! Well, it's to be expected...