More Rare Titles Could Hit Virtual Console


An article from IGN...

" Be still thy beating hearts, Rare fans: more retro titles from the UK developer could make their way to the Virtual Console - although nothing is "in the pipeline at the moment".

On the Rare website letters page, one keen fan asks whether we could see Perfect Dark or Banjo Kazooie heading to Nintendo's downloadable service. While the answer is fairly ambiguous, it does provide a glimmer of hope: "As for Virtual Console, it's ultimately Nintendo's decision what gets released. Beyond the Donkey Kong Country games we don't have anything in the pipeline at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in future."

On the same letters page, there's also an interesting snippet of info about the Banjo series. In a response to a query regarding a potential Banjo remake for DS (rather like the developer did with Diddy Kong Racing DS), a Rare employee reveals that "there's always a chance".

Furthermore, the team that's currently working on the 360 version of Banjo Kazooie considered a remake and "actually did some works towards it but then dropped it in favour of the current fresh approach".

Finally, in just one last tease, Rare says that it could potentially bring more brand new titles to DS. "Viva Pinata DS (as well as being a good fit for the handheld) also shows that we can bring across properties other than those owned by Nintendo. So we'll leave you to wonder what's coming after Viva Pinata DS." Just don't say Killer Instinct, please."
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This is awsome, Banjoe kazooie was extremely fun, and i heard that they won't do it at all(considering microsoft now owns RARE and all)
But the sad part is, it's not certain that they will still do it....


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srry, i just heard that the goldeneye characters ect. were not owned by microsoft. of course, i also have not heard about who else own's it in the first place...