Metroid Videos Channel. Good or Bad?


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What do u think?

I think is bad for the Game because it generate too much Hype, and when you buy it you are going to know all the game


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Do you mean that MP3 preview that is downloadeble on wii shop channel for the guys in the states?
It's just two trailers. It can't be bad.


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Meh, I don't really care for hype, and besides, in the UK, the channel isn't out yet.
Besides, I'd rather I only just read the review instead of the hype, that's why TP wasn't as dissapointing for me than the Nintendo fanboys reading up every preview. LOL :D
Well, the last two Metroid prime (excluding hunters) games didn't sell as well as Nintendo hoped, so they're trying to generate more sales by advertising through the Wii itself