Medal of Honor Heroes 2


EA Canada has spoken out about the Wii control scheme, 32-player online, and more. And the first-ever Wii screens.






"Last year, EA released Medal of Honor Vanguard for Wii, a war-time first-person shooter that looked better than competitor Call of Duty, but whose control mechanics felt looser. Now, the publisher is back with an all-new WWII-set shooter, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, that may merge the best of both worlds.

Question: A common concern about games releasing for Wii and PSP is that the Wii version will inherently be limited by the specs of the PSP build. Is this true of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 on Wii?

Matt Tomporowski (lead producer): While the 2 versions share a lot of the same design, they have each been optimized and custom built for their respective platform. One is not limited by the other. For example, innovating gameplay on the Wii with its unique controls was a major goal for the Wii version of the game. Not having those gesture moments and controls on the PSP version did not in any way limit us from having them on the Wii. We've also got the all-new casual gaming mode and Nintendo Zapper support exclusively on the Wii which should indicate the type of customized experience we've built for the platform. We're excited that both versions share a deep and immersive single player campaign and offer 32-player online multiplayer, the most for both platforms.

Queston: Are you using any gestures to execute moves in the game? If so, can you give us some examples?

Matt Tomporowski: Yes, action gestures are a huge part of our game. We didn't want to go overboard with gestures though, because we realized they were making some games too complicated and tedious. Instead, we set a high bar for what we would allow in the game with gestures, so we required each of our action gestures to be intuitive, relevant, fun and high impact. I don't want to give too much away so I'll just share a few of my favorite gestures here. The shotgun is a very high impact weapon and after you blast off a round, you actually get to pump the shotgun with an extremely satisfying pump gesture of the Nunchuk. It's totally intuitive and the detailed animations that you see on screen sync up to what you are doing in real life with the motion of your hands. It's a very immersive experience where you feel like you are actually "hands-on" with what you are seeing in-game. We also have the bazooka which is of course a shoulder mounted weapon, so in-game you actually lift the Wii remote up to your shoulder to engage the weapon. When you fire it, you hear the rocket launching out of the chamber through the Wii remote speaker right next to your ear. It's a pretty awesome experience and again makes you feel like you are truly interacting with what's in-game."

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It sound awesome! Lifting your wiimote onto your shoulder to use your bazooka! I'm sold!! lol

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