Maddox - Who reads him?



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Ahaha, this guy is hilarious. I've been reading for years!

''For every animal you don't eat, i'm going to eat 3.''


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Maddox is the funniest guy I've ever read.

I discovered his webpage about 4 days ago and I took 6 hours to read absolutely every article on it, these were my best 6 hours in years :D

Seriously, some of his articles are totally hillarious.

In my opinion the funniest paragraph is from the "I am a genious, you are not." article:
# dude.. if possible can you start a thread on annoying ******** and ways to **** them off .. thanks man you own ..

Start a thread about annoying *******... what? Listen morons, I'm sure this makes sense to you in your microcosm of an existence where everyone knows what forum on whatever website you're talking about, but for the rest of us who don't have a telekinetic link to your brain stem, do us a favor and choke.

I laughed out loud for 5 minutes after reading that, then saw it again and laughed even more :D